In The Beginning

Most stories start with In The Beginning. That is all stories but mine. You see for me there was no beginning nor will there ever be an end. That is just the way it is. I always was and always will be. The great news is that you are a part of me. So you have never had a beginning nor will you ever have an end. That is because you are energy and energy does not end. It just changes form. For most people reading this. It is not the first time that you have chosen to take on human form nor will it be your last.

You have chosen to come back because you really enjoy living on this plane. You may have decided to come here with a certain mission in mind. Or you could have decided to come back to enjoy another life time here.

For those of you that have finally figured it out. You might just be enjoying a holiday here. No matter what the reason you have decided to be here. Rest assure that you are doing a great service to your fellow man. Just by being here and being yourself. Sure there are some trials you may have to go though. There are some mistakes you have made along the way. That is all part of living and learning. Believe me there are no trials to great for you to handle or mistakes that will not evidently work themselves out. It is all part of the learning process. A process that you have decided to go though. For a very good reason. Even if that reason is not clear at this time.

There are no mistakes and no accidents. There is a reason for everything and it is all for the good of yourself and others. I know this is hard for you to understand but that is because you can not see the whole picture. The so called accidents that happen was probably because you where distracted and not living in the now. The thing to remember is that if you would look back there was probably something in the background warning you before the accident or mistake happened. Once you learn to respond these inner feelings. You will see fewer accidents and mistakes in your life.

Life was never meant to be hard. Earth was created as a playground for spiritual beings in a physical body. To enjoy experiences that could not be experienced any other way. For you to really enjoy these experiences the memory of who you really are had to be hidden from you. This was agreed to by all that decided to come here. In the course of time many forgot who they really where and started to make up stories of what they believed was true and for them it became true. They taught these beliefs to their children and others. One of these beliefs was the belief in dualism or the knowledge of good and evil.

It was because it was believed that good could not exist without evil that evil became a reality. Be it onto you as you believe. The good news is that you can believe that only good things will enter your life and for you no evil can befall you. Nothing could exist on this world unless it is believed that it could exist. So you could have a singular mind that sees only good things entering your life. That you will always have plenty and never experience lack. That you will only have good health and never experience sickness or disease. That you will freely receive all the good things in life that God has in store for you and that you will walk the path God has prepared for you all the days of your life.



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