You And Your Body

My dear children let me first explain what your body is and why you have chosen to take it up in the first place. Your body is a physical entity just like all the other bodies that inhabit the planet you have chosen to visit. Be it a dog, cat, horse or human these are all bodies. As a spirit being you are only allowed to have a human body. All the other bodies on the planet have a group conscious. Dogs have their group conscious, cats have their group conscious and so on. Even plants have their own group conscious. Only humans have their own individual conscious. When once raised to a higher level. Then consciousness level of the whole planet will be raised to that level.

This has been the task of the Masters that came to your planet. They came to show others how to raise their own consciousness level. Once enough people have raised their consciousness level. Then you will see peace on earth. Sure there will still be some that are operating at a lower consciousness level but most of the inhabitants of this planet will raise to this higher consciousness level.

You have deiced to be part of this master plan. By just being yourself. There is no pressure to be or to do. Just let your inner guide lead you. Take you time there is no rush to do anything. You have chosen to come here to enjoy all the experiences life on this planet has to offer. There are no wrong choices. Each choice will lead to a different experience. Each experience has a different lesson to be learned or a different experience to be enjoyed. By letting your higher self be your guide. You would have taken control over the physical body you have found yourself in. Remember this body you inhabit does have a mind of it’s own and will seek out desires of the flesh if you do not take control over it.

My dear children please do not misunderstand. The pleasures of the flesh is part of the experiences you have come here to enjoy. It is all a matter of control. You must control the flesh or the flesh will control you. Remember you are a spiritual being living in the physical body. You are not a physical body having a spiritual experience. Spiritual experiences should be an everyday occurrence in your life because you are spirit.

As a spirit being you have power over the things of this world. After all you are a part of me. All things that the Masters have done. You can do to and greater things if only you would believe and take what is rightfully yours as a child of God



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