You Are What You Believe

My dear children. Please believe me when I tell you that you are what you believe. If you do not like the results you are getting in life then maybe you should check on what you believe. Beliefs are created from the day you are born. Most beliefs come from your parents. They are then added to by your pears and teachers. If you go to church then other members and the Pastor will add to your beliefs. Some good some bad.

They are only sharing with you what they believe. The truth is these beliefs may be serving them well but may not be serving you well. As you grow older it is up to you to evaluate your beliefs and change the ones that are not serving you. A lot of the time the thing that is holding you back from what you want is a belief. Once you discover the belief, imagine the thing you want to achieve once this belief has been resolved. You have the choice to believe anything you want to believe.

There is nothing created, that at one time was only a thought. From this thought came the belief that it could be done. That it just might work. Look around you all you see came from nothing. It was just a thought in someones mind. They then took action which was based on a belief and brought it into reality. Every book you have read is just someones thoughts put on paper. Every song you have ever heard is just someones thoughts put to music. Everything that was ever invented was first a thought. They may have gone through a number of failures before they came up with the right result. But that just goes to show you. That they believed could be done and set out to do it.

This just goes to show you how powerful thoughts backed by beliefs are. This is how the universe was created by my thought that it could be and it was. This is how man was created by the thought that said let us create man in our image and it was so. I am not talking here about the physical man but about the spiritual man. Your body is just your earth suit. The true man is spirit. When the time comes for you to leave this earth you will leave your body behind and come home to me. Then if you wish to return to this planet another body will be created for you to live another life here.

There are many here for he first time. While others have been here a number of times by their choice. There are many spirits but all are a part of the one God. All are a part of the whole. Once this is realized it is easier to let go of old beliefs that are holding you back. To know that you and God are one and nothing is impossible for you. That all you have to do is have a thought and then the belief to back it. That it will be done. You can have or be anything you want.



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