Limited Beliefs

beliefsMy dear children you have no idea what I have in store for you. Your life could be changed in an second to good or bad. But do not fear I am with you no matter what. I will always be there looking out for your best circumstances. What might seem bad could only be a stepping stone to one the best things that ever happened in your life. What you perceive as the worst thing that could happen to you could turn out to the best thing that happened to you.

No one can see the future but I can help you into a brighter, better future if you would only let me. I have many gifts I wish to give you but you must first ask to receive them. Then you must believe that you have received them no matter what the circumstances around you say. Your first request should be for the thing you want. Then any other request should be thankfulness that you have received it.

You must learn to appreciate everything that is in your life right now. Be grateful for the things you have and more will be added. Never refuse a gift from me. Be it a penny found on the ground to a multi million dollar lottery ticket. That penny on the ground was left there for you. Do not say that a thing is not enough or that a thing is to much. You have no idea of your future needs or that it was given to you
so that you would have it for the need of a friend.

They say God works in mysteries ways. The truth is I will work though anyway possible to meet your needs. In this I mean all your needs be it mental, physical or spiritual. Learn to trust me in the small things and then when big things come up you will know who to turn to. Nothing is to small or to big for God. What ever the problem I am here for you. I may have to use sources that you would not expect to solve your problem. That is because I use the best source available. I am God and can do all things but I am limited on this plane to the tools available.

This is because of the limited beliefs man has imposed upon mankind. You may believe anything you want and for you it will be true. But when others are involved you are limited by their beliefs. As more and more people believe in a certain thing the consensuses of the whole planet is raises to that belief. That is why it is easier today to archive certain things because the consensuses of the planet has risen to a higher level then in times past. Old limited beliefs are being replaced with the true facts. That is why you are no longer burning witches.

So my child anything you want to believe is true for you but might not be a realty on this plane because of the beliefs of man as a whole. In the near future you will see new inventions that you never thought possible. New advances in the medical field as more cures are discovered. More people healing themselves though their own belief system. More spiritual advancements as old limiting beliefs are exposed for what they really are. Tools used by man to have control over others. This my child is the way of the future. Watch and wait for it.




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