Do Not Limit God

For too my children have let the cares of this world rob them of the blessings I have in store for them. For too long they have limited me by their disbelief’s. Know they not that I am God. Know they not that I love them and only wish good things in their life. Know they not that all lack, suffering and sorrow is caused be man and not by God.

Man has for too long told lies about me. They have lowered me to the status man with all his faults and weakness. They have put me in a far off distance unreachable but by a few. They claim disasters as an act of God. They even have gone as far as to claim it must be the will of God when some hardship falls on one of my children.

This my child is not the case nor could it ever be the case. Which father or mother among you would wish hardship on their child? Which among you would want nothing but the best for your child. Your child is not a burden, Your child is a blessing. It is the lack of love you have for yourself that prevents you from having love for your child. For too long man has devalued the life of another human. When in my eyes all are equal there is none more valuable then another. None is higher or lower but all my children created in my image. The image of love.

I wish to walk with you daily but many have turned me away. I wish to guide you down the path of happiness and abundance but few answer my call. They have forgotten me and relay on their own reasoning. They have hidden me away so that the masses would not know the truth of who I really am. Then they have claimed that I am mysterious therefore difficult or impossible to understand. Yet the truth is that I am so easy to understand that even a child would have no problem understanding me.

I am Love. Pure unconditional Love. That you too are pure unconditional Love because you where created in my image. I am part of you and you are part of me, together we are one. Is that so hard to understand? Why do you try to make it so difficult?

Man has for too long has taken control over their and other lives. They have resisted me from bestowing the blessings I have for my children. In their human reason they have lost their way and have forgotten who really is in control. Surrender to me my child. In all things acknowledge me and I will direct your path. Learn to be still and wait on the Lord. For I will not be long in coming. Stand fast until you hear my voice. Learn to let intuition by your guide for this is one of the ways I will lead you. This is the tool I have placed at your disposal. As prayer is one way to talk to God. Intuition is one way of God talking to you.



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