Gods Promise

You are my child. I love you and wish only good things for you. I will never leave or forsake you. The path we walk together is by your choice. No one is telling you what you have to do or what not to do. This is true freedom. Freedom you will only find when you trust in me but the choice is always yours. Those who choose the path will be in abundance, for I will provide for you all the needs and wants of your true desire. I will never give you to much to bear but I will lead you down some rough paths. These rough path are always for your good. I will never test you just for the sake of testing.

I believe in you and your abilities to accomplish any task you set for yourself. I will delight in your growth as you complete these accomplishments. Ours is personal relationship, just you and me. The way it is meant to be for all my children. All working separably for the good of the whole. Each with their own task to carry out. Everyone in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. This can only be accomplished by those who seek out my voice and desire to do my will.

Do not think for a minute that I do not know your talents and abilities. I created you for a specific task that only you can do and I have faith that you will complete this task. Be not dismayed for all who seek my face and call out to me will not be turned away. I will provide helpers that will teach you and show you the way. Walk with me daily and we shall be one as we are always one. I in you and you in me, together all things are possible.

As in the past it is now a completed task before it even begun. Because once a desired task is set in motion it is completed. It will be carried out for all who believe. My time is not your time, my way is not your way. Trust in me to complete your desired goals. Trust in yourself to have the faith needed to stand fast and not waver. For I am your God. I will direct you down the right path. Follow your intuition, listen to your inner voice. Do not try to figure this out with your carnal mind using mans wisdom. Trust in the higher force.

You are not alone, others have gone down this road before and others will follow. It is the way of the masters. All are called to this higher state of being. For all who seek this higher form of being will not be denied. My love goes out to all my children and someday all the abilities of the masters will be an everyday occurrence. It will be common knowledge. They came to show you what is available to all.

All I have to offer you is love. All I expect is love in return. Come to know me, fear me not. For I want only the best of everything for my children.



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