My dear child all I have for you is love because I could not be anything else. I am love and have always been love. I know of nothing else because love is all I am.

Man has a limited idea of what love really is. He has been blinded by his emotions. If someone hurts his feelings his response is to retaliate. He may go as far as to plot and scheme on how he is going to get back at that person. Devising plans for revenge. Instead of realizing it does them more harm then the person they are trying to get back at. When you hold a grudge it eats up inside you causing all kinds of damage to your body.

You are a child of God, created in his image and that is the image of love. Gods spirit dwells in you and you can choose to walk in love. You can be love just like God is love. You can let your light shine for all the world to see.

Once you realize who truly are others have no power over you. You will see the error of their ways and understand that they too are children of God and only see the good in them. You will also learn to love yourself because you will be able to see yourself as God sees you and God only sees love.

When man was created, he was created in love but he was also given free choice. It was though choices that man has drafted away from who he truly is. He has been blinded to God’s love though teachings from others who have lost their way. But be of good cheer because you can decide to seek the way of God. His helpers are standing by to help you, to comfort you and teach you. To show you the path back to God’s loving grace. To awaking the god inside of all of us.

Yes my dear friend you can learn to hear the spirits voice though the still small voice and intuition. The spirit will guide you down the right path to your true self. A person who walks in love and has only good things to offer others. A person of compassion and understanding. A caring and loving person that others want to be around.

You can cast off the old self and be renewed to the person you where meant to be. A true child of God. The masters that have walked this earth have all come to be an example of what is possible if only you would believe.



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