You Have The Power

My dear child. If only you knew how powerful you are. In fact you are more powerful then I am. I know you find that hard to believe but it is true. I can do nothing unless someone lets me work though them.

Most people call these miracles but the fact is, this should be an every day occurrence. I did not limit these powers to a selective few but instead made them available to everyone. The truth is this very few dare to believed it was possible for them. They called these selective few masters or gods and placed them far above everyone else. Instead of using them as examples of what is available to every man, woman and child.

You have no idea what is available to you, if only you dare to believe it. The problem is the lack of believing. Jesus realized this lack of belief in his followers so he gave us his name to use. Even to this day some are using the name of Jesus and seeing results. But the truth is this even greater works is available to everyone.

For far to long my children have been taught that this in not normal. Resulting in them believing that it is not available for them. The lies of man has blinded my children for believing that these gifts are even available. While all the time the truth is I will not hold anything back from my children. You are one with me and my spirit dwells in you. You are gods and do not even realize it. You can do anything you desire if only you believe you can.

While Jesus walked this earth, he had no doubt that what he said would come to pass. This is the kind of faith you have to have. The faith to believe you have the same power that he had. The faith to believe that all your needs will be met. The faith to believe that I will walk with you and direct your path. That I will let no harm touch you. That you are my child and that no matter what you do, I am well pleased.



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